1st Pride Planning Meeting Minutes – 15.07.2017

Minutes of the Meeting – Pride Planning – 15th July (Saturday)

Date : 15.07.2017
Venue : Alternative Law Forum

Meeting began at 6 pm. Attended by 25 people.

The meeting began with going over last year’s budget and expenses. All Bills are available with Yash and can be checked by everyone. A balance sheet will be prepared and uploaded on the website at the earliest. Decision to make it just the balance sheet was because the CSMR e mail group is supported by Yahoo and placing things on Google drive may render it inaccessible to some.

The following was the recap of last year’s work:
This year the organisation committee will be led by Yash (Nakul) and Ayaan.
Ayaan to Handle the financials along with Yash
Romal stepping down as he is moving to Manipal.
Different groups raised monies to the tune of 2,98,700 but the aim of 3 lakh could not be reached. There is a detailed list of where monies came from and who raised funds available with Yash
Note from me (Sumitra): Perhaps it would be good to upload a list along with the Balance sheets so that it is clear who we got money from.
This year there is an account in place to help us with balance sheets and such. This account has been enables as a Self Help group account and needs 3 signatories and 10 members to be activated (unclear as to whether this account is activated or yet to be).
Call for people to take on teams and events. This can be decided at the next meeting but has to be purely voluntary.
Suggestion to use Milaap as opposed to Ket.to as the premium charged by the latter was very high.
Suggestions for the future:
If logos need to be changed there are a number of those available from the contest last year
Videos and images from the past 10 years to be shared as this is an important year for the community
the FAQ page needs to be updated on the website
Everyone called to see the website and report any missing material or errors so that they can be fixed as soon as possible.
As was the decision earlier, we are to stand firm on the decision not to take funds from corporations or political parties (other large conglomerates). This is in keeping with the decision from the beginning as it will give us the independence to work according to the collective ethos.
Meetings will happen every week on Saturday at 5:30 pm in Alternative Law Forum premises.
Discussion/setting the agenda
An archival team is to be put in place to collect and maintain a database of information on the past 10 years of pride events.
The date for Pride 2017 is 26th November.
As of now there are 10 teams that need leaders and members and they are as follows:
Documentation – This team will have to be leading all video and photography coverage of events and perhaps even meetings so that the media team has information.
Accessibility – The accessibility team will also have to check that events happen on the ground floor at venues and if at all there are few options, there be elevators and such to provide access. The team will also have to reconnaissance before the pride march to see if there are inaccessible areas
Police Permission
Volunteers – On the day of pride and perhaps at events closer to the pride march
Campus Outreach/ mobilization – This team is also tasked with reaching out to all social media networks as well as those with less or no access to the internet.
QAMI will organise a set of events and workshops on the theme of the normalisation of Rape and the surrounding violende. The discussion here was that there is a growing problem within the community, particularly Gay men that violent sex is good and this has been the cause of extreme injury to many. QAMI will hold awareness workshops and set up a heloline to help address this issue.
Corporates to be kept in loop of such awareness building exercises so that they can benefit and perhaps help organise a few events.
There are, as of now some events that will take place and have been happening in the past pride festivals:
Diversity Fair
Hemmeya Sanje
QAMI + Shilpa – awareness and helpline
Pride March
(Please add those that I may have missed)
This is the 10th year of Pride so there needs to be more events for allies and families of community.
Conscious effort to dialogue with all members of the community so as to prevent some from feeling left out and ostracised.
A new Whatsapp group to be set up – update: This has already been done with all those at the meeting added.
For the time being it will be the CSMR e mail that will be used and migration to a g mail or another account will happen later.
1st October is the launch of the festival so we have a little more time to plan than last year. Suggested that Shilok along with Queer Campus will plan the launch event.
The Welcome video needs to be re done as it has dates. Falana films to be contacted – perhaps the media team can take a lead with this?
10th anniversary to be added to the logo – Winona can do this (Romal to give contact)
There is a team in place for flash mobs this year and this could be a repeated event through the run up to Pride
New flag required – urgent!
This year there needs to be, more than ever more intersectionality and visibility for trans and non binary identifying people. This cannot be stressed any more but the aim is to have an actually inclusive pride.
Suggestion to have a sensitization workshop for the media as well as a campaign in the same theme – This would help media coverage as well.
Efforts will be made to have district level Pride March as well and a team needs to be put in place for this – Romal in conversations

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Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organised by CSMR (Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights) which is a coalition of many LGBTQ and allied groups and individuals, mainly based in Bangalore.

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