2nd Pride Planning Meeting Minutes – 22.07.2017

Date: 22nd July 2017       Venue: Alternative Law Forum, Bengaluru       Total Attendance: 30

This meeting was supposed to be the one that decided which teams would be making up the Pride festival. The following points were on the agenda:

  • Final decision on date of Pride – 26th November 2017
  • Teams and requirements for the Pride Festival – how many teams and what kind of work needs to be done
  • Each team went over their roles and responsibilities – especially corporate, accessibility and media teams

This year core team of Namma pride members are Yash Sharma, Ayaan Syed, Madhumitha, Romal, Kumar .B, Sumitha, Ritesh

Details and Discussion:

  • 26th November decided as final date for Namma Pride
  • Meeting timings 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
  • In each team there will 5 members and one person will be in charge of the team
  • In all collateral material it will be name of Namma Pride and not Bengaluru Pride
  • Following some debate on decision making for this year, it was felt that those who may have ideas and questions should bring them to the meeting, whether it was feedback or regarding decisions.
  • Ayaan is the contact point for Finance – With regard to assigning and requirements. Ayaan to also prepare a Google spreadsheet for listing various requirements. This list to be circulated to all present and those on the mailing list.
  • QAAF – sent an e mail asking for a date for the fundraiser – Can we respond to them? The response will have three points: What support do they need? What sort of event it will be? A date for their event.
  • There was some discussion on shared support for events and this will be put to vote at the next meeting – whether to have 80-20 or 90-10 percentage support.
  • As it was done last year, corporate and other organisations are allowed to bring A3 size placards and wear logos on t-shirts. The rules of advertising/campaigning at the pride march need to be reviewed.
  • As for the meetings at Alternative Law Forum, the group was requested to have a meeting on one Saturday upstairs as opposed to the usual spot
  • The website needs to be accessible and this will be specified by Madhumitha in a note later
  • Ayaan to have full access of the website as he is familiar with HTML coding. But there is the problem of servers – the Namma Pride website is on the same server as some other LGBTQ+ websites and this needs to be looked into.
  • A team is required to make a new video for this Pride – This team also to be listed on google sheet
  • Workshops to be conducted in Campuses – awareness and sensitization – Mobilization team and Queer Campus to be contacted
  • Ayaan requested that invoices be sent for any and all events/expenses.
  • ASQ will handle the garage sale this year
  • There was the suggestion that this year we can have 2 districts Pride marches Belgaum and Shimoga are on the list. Students from Manipal have volunteered to help with this – contact point – Anirudh
  • CONQueer will organise the Diversity Carnival/Fair
  • Launch event to be handled by Siddharth Varma
  • Payana will organise a diversity panel discussion
  • Anirudh, the point of contact for Manipal will also have events in Manipal – this may clash with the events in Bangalore but will be put on the calendar nonetheless
  • Pride guidelines to be worked on – Romal and others to send material to me so I can come up with a proper document
  • Suggestion by Kumar to make number of teams less buy clubbing. The final list of teams is below.


  • 20th August is the last date to send in dates and budget particulars of funded events by Namma pride
  • 25th September is the last date for sending in dates and particulars of for fundraisers


Sl.No Team Name Incharge Person Others  Members
 1 Core Team Yash Sharma, Ayaan Syed, Kumar.B Madhumitha, Sumitra,Romal, Ritesh  
 2 Media, and Design   Sadat
 3 Documentation    
 4 Finance Ayaan Syed, Yash Sharma  
 5 Events Yash Sharma  
 6 Mobilization Kumar.B Naveen Joshi, Alok
 7 Police Permission Yash Sharma Kumar.B
 8 Corporate Ritesh Madhumitha
 9 Accessibility Madhmitha Kamlesh
 10 Volunteers Ayaan Syed  
 11 Monitor team Yash Sharma  

 Agenda for the next meeting: 

  1. Decide on percentage of Support – 80-20 or 90-10.
  2. Queer Campus to get back about organising event
  3. Discuss guidelines for Pride
  4. Responses to requests to have events – has this been done
  5. Rough budget
  6. Route

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Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organised by CSMR (Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights) which is a coalition of many LGBTQ and allied groups and individuals, mainly based in Bangalore.

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