3rd Pride Planning Meeting Minutes – 29.07.2017

Meeting attended by 14 people.

As of 29th 11 events will happen for sure. They are as follows (Chronological Order):

  1. Launch event/s – 1st October
  2. Garage sale – 8th October
  3. Queer at Work – 14th October
  4. Film Screening by CONQUEER – 11th November
  5. Transgender remembrance day – 20th November
  6. Press Conference – 24th November
  7. Diversity Carnival – 25th November
  8. Panel Discussion – Payana to get back
  9. Pride March – 26th November
  10. Hemmeya Sanje – 26th November
  11. Diversity Fair – Queer Campus to get back (22nd October?)
Suggestions for events:
  • Theatre festival – Local groups/Theatre collectives – Saravana and Rumi to get back to the team. As this is the 10th Pride festival, it would be good to have something like this.
  • Dance/Folk festival – separate from all the Launch events’ performances – again as a special set of events inviting performers from outside the city. This can also be a regional event – Kumar to get back

Bank account in the name of Namma Pride not possible as it is necessary to get a PAN Card in that name. Yash’s account to be used this year.

The Google sheet with all details of events to be shared by Ayaan by Wednesday.

Route: Same as last year – Tulsi Park – Railway Station – Ananda Rao Circle – Freedom Park – Mysore Bank Circle – Corporation Circle – Samsa Bhavan.

Yash and Kumar to coordinate permissions.

Date for demands list meeting to be decided. Has to be on a Sunday closer to Pride Month.

Samara is willing to organise a workshop on Sexual Health. Rishi to also take a lead on this.

The target budget has been increased to 6 lacs as the intent is to have 2 district pride marches this year.

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Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organised by CSMR (Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights) which is a coalition of many LGBTQ and allied groups and individuals, mainly based in Bangalore.

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