6th Pride Planning Meeting Minutes – 19.08.2017

9 People attended this meeting

After going over what needs to be done for the Pride festival, there were a lot of gaps found in teams and team management.

Yash to send last year’s promotional video to me to upload on the Milaap campaign page

Went over the rules and regulations for the Pride Parade; Edited document will be circulated by Monday evening. All documents are on Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0By199gxD6OgaT0tKTGUxMU9rX2M

Route for Bikes – this has to be a little different from the walking route as some of the roads are one way and would prove difficult to navigate – Alternative route to be planned; Dolly to be contacted on this.

Ram has volunteered his services as social media team lead – in this matter, interns will be recruited from colleges to help –
• Anahita and QC are on this assignment (4-5 people are needed to handle the media team)
• Ram will also need access to the facebook page as well as other social media handles. Ayaan and Romal have the access and will be requested to give Ram the details
• Anand Sridhar also has access to some social media pages/handles. Someone to reach out to him for access.

Design team –
• Manish has offered to contact his friend Vishal to lead the design team
• Here also there is the option of recruiting students from various colleges as interns for the duration of the Planning and execution process – Anahita and QC are on this assignment (4-5 people are needed to handle the design team).

Students who are taken on as interns will be given a certificate for the same.

Making the list of demands
• This meeting to happen on the 24th or 30th of September –
• Dates to be circulated and decision on final date and venue to be made on the 10th of September

Request from Vinay Chandran, ASQ and a few other organizations
• Place 2 events on the Pride calendar
1. Event for Parents and relatives of Queer people (PFLAG?)
2. One to discuss mental health issues. Dates have been given to Vinay.

Ayaan took on a few responsibilities and we need an update:
• 2 flags required for the parade
• Sharing Social Media access
• Dates for parties? or is this not going on the calendar?
• Diversity Carnival – No updates. Plan B- Yash to coordinate this event (There is an empty stretch on Maharani College Road that may be Ideal. One of the team to go check this).

Rohini to speak with Romal, Kareem and Priyank – she has the agenda.

There will be 3 events concerning diverse identities and diversity issues:
• The panel discussion by Payana
• The Poly group panel
• An event at Mount Carmel college – 17th November – 11:00 am. We need a budget for this

Regarding Political parties and tie-ups/support
• This discussion is on the agenda for the next meeting as very few attended this one.
• We have the next 2 months to decide what needs to be done here.
• The gist: Putting forth our demands to these political parties and affiliated organizations to see how they can help? I hope I got this right?

The archive of footage and images put together by Amrita and Neeraj will need to be rebooted; Who can take on this responsibility? Sukhdeep Singh also has put up a wikipedia page about 9 years of Namma Pride. All this needs to be checked on.

I put forth the idea of having a seminar and panel discussion on Pride and how it has been organised thus far. This can be a discussion to be had over the next 2-3 meetings to see if it is a feasible idea.

Event dates:
• 28th October – IYCN’s event on awareness building in Climate Change – daylong event. Manish to take the lead.
• 17th November – Diversity/Diverse identities Panel at Mount Carmel College
• 24th November – Writing workshop – Rohini

Agenda for the next meeting (Main points)
• Media team needs to be put in place as a high priority – the team lead needs to volunteer services
• All Team leads to be present to take stock of what needs to be done.

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Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organised by CSMR (Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights) which is a coalition of many LGBTQ and allied groups and individuals, mainly based in Bangalore.

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