9th Pride Planning Meeting Minutes – 16.09.2017

11 People attended this meeting


  • Scheduling of events
  • Discussing Money matters


One of the first things discussed was date and time for the Demands generation meeting. It was decided that this will be held on the 15th of October at ISI in Benson Town. Towards this the following needs to be done:

  • Circulate a note inviting various groups for the meeting
  • Booking the venue
  • Arranging for refreshments

The above will be handled by the Namma Pride core team

On Monday, 18th September, there is a meeting at the Canadian Consulate/Council. The agenda of this meeting is to see how the CC can help Namma Pride. This will be attended by the following:

  • Ayaan
  • Yash
  • Kris
  • Riyana
  • Madhumita

Work towards getting the route permission for Namma Pride March need to begin. Yash to take a lead on this and start from next week onwards – Volunteers for this can come from the team to help

Yash also to take care of accounts and make the appropriate announcements

Housekeeping: All team members and participants to share link and information about the fundraising campaign – we are very behind on this.

Rohini and Kris to take the work of finding designers for creating collateral material

A call for participation in the video needs to be sent out. For now the following are going to be participating:

  • Riyana
  • Rohini
  • Kris
  • Sumitra
  • Ayaan
  • Madhumita

Rohini to check the following venue – Grounds opposite Jain University. This is for the Diversity Carnival.

Events that Vinay had suggested to be placed in the calendar

Schedule of events:

17th September Potluck (Findraiser)
7th October Launch of Namma Pride Festival
14th October Queer At Work Event
15th October Drafting Demands of this year’s Namma Pride March
QAAF Event – Film Screening
21st October (Untitled)
22nd October Carnival
28th October IYCN event – environment and climate change
29th October Qaaf Festival
4th November Accessibility
5th November Workshop on Sexual health/HIV Awareness
12th November Garage sale
11th November Badminton
Film Screening
17th November Panel Discussion
19th November Diverse Identities Panel Discussion
20th November Transgender Remembrance Day
22nd November Launch of District Pride events
24th November Shabda
Press Conference
25th November Diversity Fair/Carnival
26th November Namma Pride March
Hemmeya Sanje

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Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organised by CSMR (Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights) which is a coalition of many LGBTQ and allied groups and individuals, mainly based in Bangalore.

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