About Namma Pride

Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba is organized under the banner “Coalition for Sex workers, Sexual & Sexuality Minorities’ Rights (CSMR) – Bengaluru” which is a coalition of many LGBTQI organizations, allied groups, collectives, activists, individuals residing in Bengaluru and across Karnataka.

The first Bengaluru Pride was held in the year 2008 and later in 2010 it was renamed as Bengaluru Pride & Karnataka Queer Habba. In 2016, the Bengaluru Pride & Karnataka Queer Habba was re-branded as Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba. Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba, more than just a pride march, is a festival that is more inclusive and definitive of Bengaluru and its mother state Karnataka.

The term “Namma” means ours in Kannada. It can be described as a call to ownership, to identification, and pleas for oneness, something the LGBTQI community in Bengaluru and across Karnataka increasingly craves for and needs.

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