Donate to Namma Pride

Year after year, the Pride committee works hard to put together the Namma Pride celebrations at the tail end of the year. We don’t do this alone – we work with dozens and dozens of volunteers and artists. And of course, we work with the donations that you give us, year after year.

Namma Pride and Karnataka Queer Habba  accepts no sponsorships; we are funded entirely by individuals donating what they can. We would not be where we are without the generosity and heart of the entire queer community.

2017 marks the TEN YEAR anniversary of the first Pride March in India. Ten years! This calls for a celebration, bigger and better than ever before. Please donate to Namma Pride; and help us create a March you will never forget.

To donate to Namma Pride, kindly click the below “Donate” button.


In case you have any queries about donation for Namma Pride
please contact Yash Sharma @ 9535100902


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